I was inside the sanctuary looking up into the domed ceiling. The room began to fill with a cloud that sparkled and glittered and was illuminated by its own light. The atmosphere was alive with electrified particles and I knew it was the Glory of God filling the house. I could see people there who had come into the church for thy expressed purpose of hearing from God and getting His direction for them and their life. My job was as a guide or an usher, an explainer of the truth. I was telling people to “see just how much He really loves you. Love as you have never known before. He's a caring God who wants only His best for you and will show you how to get it. Just listen to Him and do what ever He tells you to do. I don’t have to hear for you. You can hear for yourselves. Just ask Him, He'll answer you too.” I could see larger than life angels standing guard at all the doors and any window or opening. They were on the inside of sanctuary. I could also see blood roughly painted along the tops and along each side of each door and opening. These angels wore all white and were strong in their appearance as they stood twice as tall as us humans and their wings were as large as they were tall. They were here to protect anyone who was in the sanctuary from things coming in from the outside of the sanctuary. We were all worshiping and singing and dancing and experiencing God in whatever form we needed. We were receiving from Him everything we needed and were happy and joyful and no one wanted to leave the sanctuary. We were in God's parlor. It was His house and we were the welcomed guests and He treated us all the same, wonderfully and with such gentle, strong and powerful love. I could see myself walking around helping people and answering their questions and encouraging them to not be afraid of God but trust Him. I was telling them to let God love them and don't hide from Him. I'd say “He’s a good God. O taste and see that the Lord is good. Seek Him, you'll find Him!” I loved my job. When it was time to leave the sanctuary the angels threw open the doors and this wonderful whirling wind could be seen blowing powerfully out through the vestibule pushing open the front doors of the church and blowing across rooftops swirling all over homes and businesses through out the neighborhood. [End of Vision ]
The Vision... Habakkuk 2:2   Then the Lord answered me and said:  "Write the vision and make it plain on tablets, that he may run who reads it." Habakkuk 2:2   Then the Lord answered me and said:  "Write the vision and make it plain on tablets, that he may run who reads it."
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